Hay Fever and Walking

IMG_20160411_094610Springtime, a time of joy, sun and happy people. But it is also that time of the year again, welcome hay fever. Welcome runny noses, sneezing, itching and the cherry on this cake red eyes.

For people who love to go outside in the nature, those who love to walk in the woods, people like me it is less fun. I am suffering from hay fever for some years now and it seems getting worse every year. I also suffer from sun allergy, I have a delicate skin. It starts in March and it will end in August. You can imagine, the urge for winter, the cold.

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A year… closer to the walk

IMG_20160103_100843624 (1).jpgIt is 2016, next year I will walk the Sint Olaf’s Way. Last year I started a Norwegian language course to be prepared. The idea is to be able to speak the language in the “unknown” country.

This to break the language barrier. If you’re going somewhere like France, Mexico, Sweden or Norway you should at least know the basics. You should, for example, be able to say hello, where is the shop and my name is (Femke). Continue reading

Hiking shoes, Instagram and work

Autumn ViewThe search for hiking shoes is going a bit slow, I’m aware of that. I fixed my running shoes and they are doing a great job, still. Sure, it’s time to look for other shoes, real hiking shoes, but it takes time for that I have a difficult foot. I walk though, everyday for at least 2 hours.

I deserve a pat on the shoulder ….

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Lauwersmeer National Park

Lauwersmeer National ParkOne of my favorite places to hike is up north, at the border of Friesland and Groningen, the Lauwersmeer National Park. This is a beautiful area, where you can hike for hour and hours. Not just fabulous feet-wise, bus also by bicycle or even from the water, where you can spot a lot of bird species. Spoonbills, godwits and cormorants are to be seen here.  When you are looking around you, you will also see buzzards and in the autumn wild swans and barnacle geese.

I advise you to bring your binoculars. I forget to take this with me sometimes. Which means regret for sure.

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Finding the right hiking shoes

RunningshoesTwo years from now, I hope to have walk the St. Olavsleden trail in Sweden and Norway. At the moment I am hiking with my old runningshoes. I’m walking on these companions for years now. I know, these shoes need to be replaced. and not the right equipment, but they walk so nicely. Great to start with walking though, and I can walk 20 km easy with them. Nevertheless it is of course necessary to buy hiking shoes that can cope a lot more km’s and different undergrounds.

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Walking on the beach of Callantsoog

CallantsoogNot that long ago I went to Callantsoog with my family, a beautiful seaside resort located in the north of North-Holland by the North Sea. The widest and whitest beach in the Netherlands can be found here. This is just one part of the 30 km long and peaceful coastline. You know Callantsoog has been on my wish-list for a long time.

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You never walk alone

Copy of HikingPreparation for a hike, no matter how long, takes time and a lot of walking. This means in my case walking everyday when possible. My intention is to walk at least 10 km everyday for the next few weeks. No matter when it’s raining or snowing (not that it’s going to snow now, but you never know), I need to stay in shape, what I can do on my own. But it’s more fun walking with others once in a while and for this reason I’m looking for a walking group.

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Barefoot hiking, something to consider?

IMG_20150717_095639This morning, the urge was back, to walk in my own backyard barefoot‬. It’s something I do regularly, spring, fall, winter and summer. It doesn’t matter when it’s raining or snowing, it’s just my tic. The only thing I have to think about are the snails after rain, specially the naked one .. brrrr!

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It’s knapsack time

Z5FnlLbqIn 2017 I’m planning to walk the historic St Olav’s Path. This is a 564 km trail that covers parts of Sweden and Noway. The route is a true Pilgrim route. Some may know it already, but this route will be completely new for me. Even this type of backpacking will be extreme for me. I have been to Norway twice, therefore I know what landscape is waiting for me, a landscape with character! I’ve been told, Sweden is slightly rougher than Norway. Can’t wait to go on this adventure.

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